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How To Boost Your Organization’s Digital Operations And Security?

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a cyber-incident to ruin it in a few minutes.” It is no doubt that digital technologies mold every domain of our day-to-day life. Hence people rely on and have high expectations in the…
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WhatsApp vs Signal vs Dooth

  WhatsApp has kicked off a new debate regarding data privacy within online platforms by updating its privacy policy for users. The new policy will give WhatsApp more access to the personal data of users and permits them to share…
Data Protection Platform
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How To Secure Your Business Data In 2021?

  Data is the most vital element of a business and is something that needs to be secured at any cost. The loss of data or unauthorized access to data by third parties creates a huge loss of money and reputation to businesses worldwide,…
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Is data privacy across online platforms a myth?

Data privacy, as you know was one of the most discussed topics in 2020. Today, there is no limit to the amount of our personal data that is being circulated across various online platforms. The popularity of smartphones, social media, mobile…