The monthly cost of your Yahoo account

The monthly cost of your Yahoo account

It’s an unfortunate thing when you find a software or service that you enjoy and the providing company decides to change it. Certainly not all changes are bad. Upgrades, improvements to UI, stability or functionality are always welcomed. But time and time again we see products and services changing the way they do things, and only to bolster their bottom line. Once great things become horrendously anti-consumer. Yahoo mail users may remember that cold day in June two thousand and thirteen when their service changed for the worse.

Before this; unlike the Almighty G mail Yahoo did not scan your e-mails. But the allure of delivering targeted marketing with the contents of your private e-mails was too strong. Google had even gotten bad press for its scanning of private messages. And rather than offer a private alternative Yahoo decided to jump on the bandwagon

When a physical product changes in a way that you don’t like it’s unfortunate. But it’s easy enough to pick a new product. If your favorite cereal decides to change the recipe you’ve got a lot of different options for breakfast. And picking one really won’t affect your life much. But services like Yahoo know that there will be no big exodus of users from their site, because changing your e-mail service is a lot harder picking a new cereal. People have had their Yahoo accounts for years. It’s something people come to rely on. They may even use it for work. And certainly there are ways to change services and even to forward your Yahoo mail to a new service. But if you are leaving because of a lack of security your options for new services are getting slimmer and slimmer.

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