End To End Encryption

End To End Encryption

Everyone understands the world of the private internet at different levels. Some people can check their email with ease but struggle to understand Facebook. Others can handle most tasks with ease but struggle with understanding how things actually function. What’s a ram, what’s a GB, what’s end to end encryption? Don’t beat yourself up if your knowledge is limited. The truth is that the majority of people struggle to understand the internet and all its capabilities as well as what we need to watch out for. That doesn’t mean viruses and hackers, it means what information is available for anyone to find, things we don’t even think about that should be protected at all times.

We Are Wide Open

When you send a message to someone else you assume that the messages are kept private. The same is expected with email. The truth is that companies make money via target marketing based on customers’ online activities including the sites you visit, the things you search and much more. While you may not have anything to hide you do not want companies having access to all that information, especially without you being aware of it.

What Is End To End Encryption?

Simply put the idea of end to end encryption is that no one else sees it besides yourself and the person the message was intended for. It’s a standard practice on many major messaging systems but you would be surprised how many do not use it. Why? Because your messages have value to companies seeking that information. For example, a company that sells a product doesn’t want to waste time and money sending their ads to everyone. Instead they can target individuals based on searches, visits, comments and more. It makes their form of advertising more effective. This may not seem like a major invasion of privacy but the real fear is that if your information is easily accessible to them then who else can view it?

Why Is It Important For Small Businesses?

It doesn’t matter if you are messaging a coworker a customers’ private information or asking if they want to get coffee, if someone can read one message they can read them all. Companies have come under siege of late because they have had the personal information of their clients stolen. This is something that hurts major corporations and could completely destroy a small business.

The Dooth private internet platform utilizes end to end encryption messaging to allow you to chat with coworkers and friends in a safe, protected format. Anyone using the platform can email or message each other without fear of data being viewed or shared by others who should not have access to it.

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