Target Marketing Good Vs Bad

Target Marketing Good Vs Bad

Marketing and advertising is constantly evolving. Companies battle for position to grab our attention, not just to make a sale but to build familiarity with their brand. It works, even today as you are more likely to make a sale if someone has heard of your brand before. The next time you go into a grocery store look at something you do not normally buy. It can be something as simple as a can of ant spray. The one you pick up will probably be based on familiarity of the brand due to advertising. However, companies do not have the patience for just this method of marketing which is why they do target marketing where they can pinpoint customers based on age, visits, interest and more. When you target people you get better results from your advertising efforts and online searches play a key role in gathering this information.

The Value Of Information

Companies are desperate to gather our information. If they have our email address they can keep us updated on sales and updates. If they have our interests, our searches, our visits and more they know where to approach us, when to approach us and how to best advertise to us. Imagine if you are a company that sells fishing poles and you know exactly when fishing enthusiasts will be online, what sites they are visiting and the exact key terms they are putting into search engines? That information is ridiculously valuable to a company and they would pay anything to get it.

How Does Target Marketing Work

Target marketing is a simple but effective concept where you literally pinpoint who you are sending ads to. For example, the fishing pole manufacturer runs Facebook ads, sends emails, does a Google adwords campaign and more that specifically targets outdoor enthusiasts. This puts their ad in places the potential customer will see them to make sure that the company gets maximum exposure. It’s one of the most effective ways of getting eyes on your product or service and helps improve the sales of the company.

Why Is It A Bad Thing?

It doesn’t bother most people if you visit a website and that company knows when you visited, how you found them and then runs ads on other sites you visit. Why would it? The problem is that if a company can have that much information based on a single search and a visit then what else can they find out? What if the tables were turned and you are trying to get a loan or even a job with a company? Would you want them to base their decision on what you are searching for, what websites you visit, what you posted on Facebook and other information like that? If they can access all that information who else would be able to? Now you start to see why people are interested in protecting their online searches and other activities.

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