Why Is Dooth Private Internet Free?

Why Is Dooth Private Internet Free?

We all like free things but they are usually meant to get us in the door, get us to spend more money on something else or meant as a trial that only lasts for a few days or weeks. So when Dooth announced they are offering their private internet platform for free there were some questions that came up. Which parts, how long and how many people can sign up? The answer is simple, it’s free to everyone, all of it and it’s available right now.

The reason for the deal is because the focus of the company is not to rush and make money, it’s to prove that it works and raise awareness of the need for private internet. This includes secure email and messaging, secure calendar, task manager and file storage as well as file sharing.

Understanding The Need

Too much of our information is on the internet and companies can easily access our emails, messages, searches and website visits. When you post something on Facebook it shouldn’t influence whether you get approved for a loan or hired for a job. Unfortunately, companies have access to this data and are using it to make decisions which greatly impact our lives. Shouldn’t you have a say in what companies can and cannot see when they are trying to find out more about you?

“If the government wants to check your email to make sure you are not part of a terrorist network that’s fair and there are few who would argue with that claim given the state of these international attacks which continue to occur. However, should a bank be able to decide if you should qualify for a loan based on what you posted on Facebook last weekend? Should a potential employer be able to determine if you get the job because of what websites you visit and search for? In our opinion they should not and there is an invasion of privacy on the internet that needs to be stopped. What’s fair for one should not be fair for all and there’s a difference between the government preventing heinous crimes and a shoe company knowing how often you like to go jogging.

So why is Dooth free? We felt it was important to offer this private internet platform for free because we wanted users to be able to try it out, get an understanding of the value of it without having to pay. You shouldn’t have to pay for protection; it should be available without cost.” Dooth Representative

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