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Unparalleled Data Security

5 Levels of Distributed Encryption

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Five Levels Of Security & Encryption


With 3-Step Sign In, and 5 Levels of Distributed Encryption, Dooth’s Blockchain Style Data Security Is Unparalleled,
and Pointless to Hack as Data is Distributed


Five levels of Security and Safeguard

  • Encrypted Identity

    All your personal sign-up information is encrypted.

  • Encrypted Content and Storage

    All of your data are encrypted on top of encrypted storage.

  • Encrypted Transmission

    All communication between your device and Dooth are encrypted.

  • You set your own “Crypt” key

    Third level user defined authentication; Create personalized “crypt” key to dual authenticate credentials to your account.

  • Recipient Authentication

    Sender defined recipient access key. No username and password or sign-up to access message.

What Does Dooth Do With Your Confidential Data? Nothing!

Secure Collaboration in the Hands and on the Desktops of all Employees