Groups and Inner Circles

Create Your Own Private Space

For both personal and business safety, private browsing and search is a necessity: Cyber threats like ransomeware, theft from vulnerable hacked servers, vendors who have access to systems, disgruntled employees, or even accidents like a lost device or laptop. How does an HIT director protect myriads of endpoints from intrusion. How does a Corporate Security Officer insure privacy, safety, and compliance? It all starts with having the right messaging platform.

Many business professionals use popular free webmail programs such as YahooMail, Gmail, AOL or Office360. All of the free versions of these services generate advertising revenue by reading your personal and business mail and serving ads that are tailored to the content of your private email. This level of email service may be considered “secure” by many. And it is “encrypted”, but it is in no way private.

Your businesses’ sensitive communications and intellectual property require and deserve privacy.

A secure platform for a close group of friends, colleagues or family is pretty typical nowadays. But are they safe?

Maintaining the privacy of a virtual group of your close friends is essential because of the data you share in the group. It could be photos of your family, friends. Or it could be videos, or it could be anything, would you like it to share it with the public? Of course no!

Only Dooth gives you the guarantee of completely secure groups and inner circles where you can share data with people who matter.