Your conversations are at Risk!


Did you know?

It is the Era of Information Warfare. Your secret pieces of information are collected and manipulated by various unauthorized agents for business. The process of tracking, collecting, tracing, manipulating and targeting information continues without your permission or knowledge.

Every social media chat platform possesses millions and billions of users globally. Once you start registration, you are giving the developer’s permission to enter into your private space and use your private data for their business and money-making processes.

But moving on, let’s focus on data encryption. Most of the chat platforms assure you all your private data have end -to -end encryption. Do you believe that?

According to Outlook The News Scroll, ‘A recent research paper from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) listed striking flaws in Telegram — founded in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Telegram uses its own proprietary messaging protocol called “MTProto”, which lacks scrutiny from outside cryptographers.

Telegram follows a conventional approach of using Cloud storage for its data.

“This means that if an adversary is able to gain control of their server system, they will have access to (at least) unencrypted messages and definitely to all the metadata,” wrote MIT researchers HaykSaribekyan and Akaki Margvelashvili’’.


This news indicates that, there are major flaws in telegram –a private chat platform with 200 million users globally (as per Google Play Store downloads ) founded in 2013 by students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology that, Telegram uses its proprietary messaging protocol called “MTProto”, which haven’t ample scrutiny from outside cryptographers.

No one is privacy conscious until they become a victim of brutal embarrassment.

Most of the apps ask for permission to our ‘contact lists’ and this data is later stored in their servers.

What is happening to this data?

“This huge data can either be attacked, or they might be sold to different authorities without users’ consent’’ researchers inferred.

There are a lot of individual or group hackers attempting to snoop on you!

Virag Gupta an Indian lawyer who spends years to fight against online data business.

He filed a petition against online companies like Facebook and Google in the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. Then he made a series of legal actions on internet business regulations in India.

This pushed the government of India to take some legal action against companies like WhatsApp.

This kind of move gives us a ray of hope for the safest digital world in the future!


Communication is the essence of human community, as asocial animal we cannot live without it. When it comes to the modern digital world which slightly moves to online chat platforms with increasingly smart technology. As much as the technology grows, our right to privacy decreases unknowingly.

An increased urge occurs to develop a chat platform with no compromise to the over exposed or vulnerable data breaches and invasions into the people’s personal

With such intention, a secured chat platform named ‘Dooth’ was developed by a pool of experts from a trusted digital house of Dooth Internet Services Private Limited.


Dooth does not track, snoop or stalk your private data.

No data can be stored in the server and there is no such intention to sell personal data to different authorities for online business. Exactly why Dooth ensures data privacy, information security, personal safety, and safeguard from man-in-the-middle-attack!


Dooth, a private internet platform was launched recently with its messaging app. It is soon scheduled to launch a social media platform and other online tools that guarantee your privacy. Dooth does not intrude on your personal space.

With Dooth, there is No Tracking. No Profiling. No Prying eyes.

Based on the most secured – Signal Protocol

Introducing Private Internet​1.0

Dooth is online privacy, security and safety interwoven on a single platform. Your messaging, e-mail, and social media contents are your business and meant for you alone. Not anyone else, including us. With Dooth, you can be yourself and freely explore the online world as Dooth does not track or profile you.


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