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Protecting Patients And Doctors

  • Enabling Care Teams – First cloud collaboration suite built for healthcare
  • Provides security, efficiency and compliance for operational communication
  • Mission critical tools to fight today’s healthcare privacy and security challenges
  • PracticeSuite, trusted for 10+ years as a leading cloud Practice Management & ONC Certified EHR Platform

PracticeSuite Platform

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Today’s Privacy & Security Challenges

Providers are #1 Target for Ransomware

Hackers attack through email; lock and encrypt data and use untraceable electronic currencies to undermine unsuspecting healthcare centers.

Fines Increasingly Aggressive & Costly

$2.5M in HIPAA fines due to insufficient risk analysis and risk management for stolen laptop with 1,391 patient records.

(CardioNet ruling, April 2017)

Naïve Sense of Security

Many free email and online storage providers cannot provide a required BAA. Additionally they “..analyze private data (including emails) to tailor advertising and product features”

92% Physicians Texting PHI

Smartphone use is convenient but intrinsically insecure when storing, transmitting, and receiving PHI: Dangerously risking data breaches and HIPAA violations.

What If…

  • Medical facilities’ staff have a single collaboration solution instead of application
    silos and mash-ups of vendors and products?
  • A patient’s information could be securely tagged and audited across safe email channels,
    instant chat messages, and even file sharing?
  • When smartphones, laptops, and tablets are lost or compromised, no breach need be reported, because there was no breach
  • Secure email, chat and file sharing with colleagues and external facilities was easy,
    intuitive, and automatically linked to the patient’s record in the HIS or EHR?

Dooth Healthcare Capabilities

Patient Tagging & Audit Report Controls

Encrypted Email with Patient Identifier

Secure Chat with Patient Identifier

Secure File Share with Patient Identifier

Dooth Healthcare Technology

  • 100% Cloud-based works on all devices

  • Web Browser and Native App (iOS and Google Play)

  • HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, SOX, PCI compliant architecture

  • Blockchain For Healthcare: Distributed Mutilayered Encryption

    • 5 Layer separately encrypted: Identity, Content, Storage, Transmission, and Reception
    • 3 Step Login Authentication: Third Level User Designated Encrypt Key
    • Recipient Authentication. HIPAA Audit Trail Reporting.
  • HL7 and DirectTrust* Messaging Protocols

* Integrations with DirectTrust’s Trust Framework in process.

Technology Built for Healthcare’s Demands

  • All Communication Apps link to Your EHR or HIS Systems Using DirectTrust Secure Protocols.
  • Providers and Staff Collaborate Securely on All Devices without Risk of PHI exposure.

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