Online Office Collaboration Platform

Business’s first centralized collaboration

suite enabling security, compliance and

communication across your enterprise.

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Office Collaboration Platform

  • Cloud Collaboration Suite for Teams
  • Provides security, efficiency and compliance for all operational communication
  • Mission critical tools to fight today’s privacy and security challenges
  • Ensure collaboration efforts between team members, superiors, subordinates are seamless, effective, and productive

Dooth Office Collaboration Capabilities

Messaging Tagging & User Reports

Encrypted Email with Tracking Identifiers

Secure Chat with Tracking Identifiers

Secure File Share with Tracking Identifiers

Dooth Office Collaboration Technology

  • 100% Cloud-based works on all devices

  • Web Browser and Native App (iOS and Google Play)

  • GLBA, FERPA, SOX, PCI Compliant Architecture

  • Blockchain For Healthcare: Distributed Mutilayered Encryption

    • 5 Layer separately encrypted: Identity, Content, Storage, Transmission, and Reception
    • 3 Step Login Authentication: Third Level User Designated Encrypt Key
    • Recipient Authentication
    • User-Track Reporting