Secure Your - and Your Family’s - Online

Collaboration and Communication.

Personal Privacy Protection

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Stop Privacy Intrusions and Online Profiling

Keep Your Personal Information Away from Online Predators
and Out of Reach of Companies Seeking to Profit from Your Data.

Personal Email Encryption

Do you know that free email services use your content to establish profiles, target online advertising, and make you vulnerable to cyber threats?

Stop Profiling!

Encrypted Personal Chat

You have no idea what free messaging applications are doing with the text and pictures you send to your friends and family.

Keep Private!

Secure File Storage

Are you sure that the pictures, files and online documents you create are not being mined for personal data on you or your family?

Store Securely!


Ensure the communication you have with family, team, or friend groups is not made public or hacked from your phone or computers.

Collaborate Privately!

Why is it Crucial to Protect Your Online Activities?

Your and your family’s future may be negatively impacted when your private information is public.

Job Search

Employers perform extensive online check on job applicants


Colleges and Ivy Ieague institutes perform extensive search on new applicants


Dating Sites, Marriage sites, to be in-laws search online about you.

Your Public Personality is hurting You

Your opinions, comments, likes and other actions on Internet reflects your personality more than you want it

You are responsible for driving prices high

Your searches for vacations, rentals, airline tickets etc. provides visibility into market sentiments driving price high. Your online activities are working against you!


Banks research online on loan applicants

Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks and Ransomware

Encrypted personal information will make it exponentially more challenging for criminals.

You will get attacked by a cyber criminal seeking to steal, scam, or threaten you. This is just the nature of our online world.

Take steps to make your data as safe as it can be – lock it behind sophisticated encryption layers and triple authentication levels.

If you have close friends and family members you wish to protect, make sure you collaborate with them using Dooth.

You’ll never be disappointed by being too safe.