Secure Email Service

It’s no shock that we want secure email service. In fact we demand it as more of our personal information is being put into these messages from companies we do business with. Even when you order a pizza you have your credit card information, phone number and physical address on file. That’s a lot of info you need to protect and encrypted email service is the best option.

For small businesses secure email service is truly the only option. You are holding so much personal information for your clients and the loss of even one piece of data can cost you thousands of customers. Imagine if word got out that someone’s personal info was taken because you were not using an encrypted email service? That could be a breaking point for your company. So much information is passed via email now and often times the messages are stored, either because we forget to delete them or because we need to refer back to it at a later date. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure the information in those messages is protected.

The other thing to remember about secure email service is that it shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to use. This is something that every company needs to have whether they are at the top of their industry or a small business. While you look to gain more clients you have to remember the importance of protecting current ones. As your company grows your customers need to know they can trust you to keep their data safe and secure and there is no better platform to do that with than Dooth private internet.