Secure Private Browser

How Important is Private Browsing?

Keep Your Browsing Private

The Internet has become one of the essential parts of our lives. For both personal and business safety, private browsing and search is a necessity. We rely heavily on the Internet, but it is doing us more damage than good. Every search, every download, and every site you visit, everything you do on the Internet is being monitored.

Many business professionals use popular free webmail programs such as YahooMail, Gmail, AOL or Office360. All of the free versions of these services generate advertising revenue by reading your personal and business mail. On the name of giving you “personalised” services, they are profiling you. Your location, your interest, your shopping history, everything is turning into data. Sometimes it can be good but mostly it is not. Did you know you end up pay higher price for the same flight the moment you search for it?

Browsing should be private for the safety of your privacy. Dooth gives you your private browser where you can search anything you want without risking your privacy.