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Why Dooth?

“Today’s big tech companies have too much power — too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy. They’ve bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else. And in the process, they have hurt small businesses and stifled innovation,” Warren wrote in a post published on Medium.

It is high time that you take the first step to safeguard the private and sensitive information of you and your family. With your ‘I don’t care’ attitude, you are not merely compromising privacy but giving them access to your wallet.

The less that is known about you, the harder it is to exploit or take undue advantage of you. Imagine for a minute, if you are walking into a store to buy something and you know everything about the store? Would you not have an advantage over the seller vis-à-vis the sellers today know a lot about you, thanks to all internet companies that analyze and sell your private information, your personal preferences, wants, needs, spending habits, online search or internet surfing, likes and shares on social media, status updates, and check-ins.

Even if it’s all FREE! Undoubtedly, online companies profit from tracking you and selling your private and sensitive information, and online behavior. From your very personal data, you provide during registering an App along with permissions to access your microphone, camera, contact list, locations, facial recognitions, caste, creed, date of birth, friends list, interests, geography, culture, political affiliations and access to other information on the phone, you have pretty much surrendered your life and lives of the people you interact with to these apps. These apps proficiently accumulate to create an ‘Online Profile to sell these data and your behaviour.

Your personal data is your personal property!

The limited information Dooth collects from you during registration is not used or sold for any purpose other than to provide you services. Your chat, voice clips, videos, photographs, documents, and anything you exchange with your friends and family is never stored on our server. Dooth is simply a conduit through which your messages are passed. Your personal interactions are 100% personal, private and free of profiling. Further, we are governed by staunched stand on privacy. Dooth was developed to offer Data Privacy, Information Security and Personal Safety. We are not in the business of human data trafficking, and therefore have no vested interest in your data, clicks, or your online behavior.

Dooth was founded in the Silicon Valley, California. Furthermore, it uses Signal Protocol, considered to be the most secure in communication. Signal was also developed in the Silicon Valley.

Dooth provides a secure online experience for you and your family
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Here are some of our unique capabilities that should warrant you to seriously consider Dooth as a safeguard.


  • No tracking. No Profiling. No prying eyes. No Stalking.
  • We do not track you or your innocent kids online behaviours to make money.
  • Your personal and professional business is strictly confidential between you and your family & friends.
  • Your Data is your personal property
  • Your sensitive data is stored in your country


  • Device-to-Device Encryption more secured than End-to-End encryption
  • No one in-the-middle for spoofing and tracking.
  • Prevent un-authorised Phone Number registration
  • Lock Chat of a friend on top of the App Lock
  • Your Chat app medias are not visible in the gallery
  • Lost phones, no one can access your data

Personal Safety

  • Last Message display lock
  • ‘Hack-proof‘ your Phone Number to prevent un-authorized registration
  • Prevents socially unsafe news circulation
  • Accidental video call lock
  • Easy on eyes – Zoom individual message and type area
  • Secret chat
  • Your number is masked in a group chat
  • Incognito keyboard