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Your Psychological Profile

Comments, clicks, and searches you make on the different websites related to news, posts, search engines shopping, finance, jobs and email exchanges between you and your friends, family,  your accountant, your lawyers, your buying patterns including using mobile wallets and other activities─ when combined and analysed collectively depicts your life (consisting of personal and professional life, along with other people’ life you interact with) like an open book. Using these combined data, a data analytics system can create your psychological profile.

Using this phycological profile, your online behaviour is more accurately predictable than you can predict yourself!

This psychological profiling later is used for psychological targeting.

 That means your privacy is not merely compromised  but now this is used against you by online companies collaboratively using your data and online behaviours. Most marketing employs demographics, geographics, and psychographics. Demographics include age, gender, political affiliations, personal prejudices, and cultural group; geographic is your location and neighborhood; and psychographics — as used in commercial marketing — tracks people’s purchasing behaviour. These categories are key to creating the audience segments that marketers commonly used for ads and other targeted content. More often you see online what these companies want you to see ‘first’ targeted content than what is rightfully the ‘first content’ to be displayed. These enable advertisers with high marketing budget to overpower your online behaviours, and influence your spending decisions. This is fundamentally the cause of rising rent, housing price, airline tickets and many more.

 You may forget what you did online 5 years ago but the Internet will remember and may come back haunting you. They know more about you than you ever want your partner, parents or employer to know.